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Project Description

JitterSunburn contains helper classes and methods to use the jitter physics engine easier in your sunburn projects. Simple component based shapes will provide easy editing in editor. It's developed in C#.


  • 20.12.2010: First Beta release for Jitter 0.1.4 and Sunburn 2.0.9

Key Features

  • Easy to use Collision Manager, which is implemented as a Sunburn manager
  • Debug drawing of collision shapes
  • Component based shape system


  • Sunburn 2.0 or higher
  • Jitter 0.1.4

Future Plans

  • Implementing sunburn editor support (waiting for new sunburn release)
  • Convex shapes
  • Compound shapes
  • Terrain shapes
  • Debug drawing of triangle mesh shapes

SunburnJitter Demo

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